According to various reports, a number of crypto exchanges have reported that they are undergoing a massive increase in the number of women investors in cryptocurrency and blockchain. Some exchanges have reported the average of women investors in the field have gone as high as averaging upto 160% in the year 2020.

The general perception within the crypto and blockchain industry is that it is a field which is prominently dominated by males. However according to a report published by CoinMarketCap on April 30 this year, followed by its newly published report on Saturday, September 12, there has been a huge surge in the number of women participants within the system since April this year. 

According to the paper, it has been suggested that there are numerous notable factors due to which a high number of women have been attracted towards investing in crypto and blockchain. The first and foremost element of attraction for women is the continuous growing popularity of the founding cryptocurrency, Bitcoin. According to BTC fund operator, within this year there has been a record increase from the last year’s average of 13% to at least 43% women who are interested to inject their funds in the BTC. Another glaringly evident reason for such an increase was due to prevailing crisis caused by Covid-19 Pandemic which resulted in a large number of investors moving towards investing the real estate sector as well as cryptocurrency.

No doubt that due to the growing popularity of crypto based assets all over the world, as well as the fact that cryptocurrencies are considered potentially highly lucrative assets in terms of returning huge profits on investment, the number of female investors have been rapidly growing globally.

On the other hand, a crypto-exchange housed in London, UK has reported that the women share amongst its users is calculated at about 14.7% in total wherein a huge portion of women sign ups have been witnessed in the first quarter of the year 2020 only. This shows that the interest amongst the women for investing in the digital assets has increased tremendously.

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