Just recently, reports have started emerging in regards to the involvement of a former football player in a cryptocurrency scam. The reports reveal that the name of the player is Anderson Luis de Abreu Oliveira, who was a famous former football star from Manchester United.

The player was playing for one of the major football clubs “Manchester United” from the English Premier League when he retired from football.

The reports have started coming in that Oliveira has been charged for being involved in a scam related to cryptocurrencies. The sources reveal that the regulatory authorities had recently launched a probe against the particular cryptocurrency project.

However, a deep investigation in the cryptocurrency project revealed it was nothing but a strategy to lure people off their funds and cryptocurrencies. The authorities have revealed that the particular cryptocurrency project was being run in order to perform money laundering transactions.

The authorities have revealed that they identified a total of 8 suspects for their involvement in money laundering-related activities. The authorities have confirmed that they established that Anderson was among the suspects the authorities were looking for.

It was not long ago when Anderson had retired from football. He had reportedly retired from Football back in 2020 when he was playing for Manchester United. Apart from being famous for playing in Manchester United, Anderson was also among the star players for the Brazilian team.

The authorities have revealed that the particular cryptocurrency scam they have identified had already performed a large number of illicit transactions. The authorities confirmed that since the launch, the project had successfully laundered R$35 million. The suspects reportedly managed to do it in the form of digital currencies.

The sources have revealed that Grande do Sul, the state prosecutor of Rio was the one who raised a complaint against the particular project. In his complaint, the prosecutor named Anderson and other suspects who were responsible for the illicit activities.

The case has been ongoing at Porto Alegre’s central court in Brazil and the hearing on the matter had commenced starting August 17, 2021.

The authorities revealed that a stock exchange from Brazil was being used by the suspects in order to move millions worth of funds out of the country. The plaintiff claimed that the money launderers had been using the method in order to turn black money into white and to cover any kind of tracks/traces.

Brazil is currently among the list of countries that are dealing with several money laundering cases involving cryptocurrencies. Therefore, the country has been taking necessary measures in order to introduce stricter regulations, so such cases can be brought under control.

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