Ever since the worldwide adoption of crypto-blockchain technology, the industry has earned a lot of recognition in the Football sector. The Football sector is constantly adapting and making progress in the adoption of the crypto-blockchain industry.

There are many famous football clubs from around the world launching their own cryptocurrency tokens for their fans. The region that is observing most of the crypto-blockchain adoption for the football sector in Europe.

On February 22, 2021, an announcement has been made confirming the inclusion of another football club from Europe into the crypto-blockchain sector. This time, it is one of the most prominent football clubs from Poland that has gone with the crypto-blockchain adoption.

The most successful club from Poland “Legia Warsaw” has reportedly partnered with Chiliz, which is a prominent sports fintech firm.

When it comes to winning championships, there is no other football club in entire Poland that can match the might of Legia Warsaw. The football club has reportedly won the most amount of championship cups in the country.

It has been reported that by partnering with Chiliz, the football club will be working to launch a digital token. Once the token has been designed and developed, the fans will be able to use it on Socios. Socios is known to be one of the most famous platforms for rewards and fan engagements.

It has been revealed by Chiliz that the development of the LEG Fan Token is already underway. The company is working alongside the club and has expedited the process to launch the token as soon as possible. The development team at Chiliz has stated that they are aiming to launch the token in a matter of few months.

The firm has also revealed that once launched, the token will be providing the fans with huge power. Which is that the fans will be able to vote when it comes to making several decisions for the club. Not only governance, but the fans will also be able to become part of competitions and exclusive games with the tokens.

Most importantly, the fans will be granted access to some of the most VIP events and experiences with the help of the LEG Fan Tokens.

Chiliz has announced that in the initial phase, the total supply of the LEG Fan Tokens will be kept limited. For now, the limit for the LEG Fan Tokens would be 5 million, but if the demand grows higher, then the firm may issue more tokens.

By initiating the project for launching a digital token for fans, Legia Warsaw has now enlisted itself in the group of clubs that have already issued digital tokens for their fans.

Legia Warsaw is reportedly the 21st International Football Club from Europe that has joined the crypto-blockchain pool.

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