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Bitcoin Paper Wallet is Compromised, Claimed by Crypto Users

As per sources, many users from have started emerging on social media platforms questioning the authenticity of the platform. There are several users that have shared negative posts and feedback about the platform through different social media channels.

Even at present, there are a large number of users from the platform that are sharing their views through different forum posts and tweets.

The majority of the users are now claiming that has been compromised. There are many users claiming that they ended up losing their Bitcoin (BTC) as they used the paper wallet generator.

It was three years back when the ownership of the website domain had been changed. Ever since the change of ownership, users have started questioning if is still the same platform as it used to be.

Several users have raised their voices against the platform through different social media channels. Some of the most prominent platforms used include Twitter, Reddit Forums, and Apart from these platforms, the users are also raising their concerns through other social media platforms that are less popular.

However, the owner of the platform has denied all the allegations and claims that have been imposed by the users. The owner has claimed that their paper wallet generating portal gets audited on a regular basis by the security experts.

He added that despite all the audits, there has not been a single instance where there were any breaches found with the platform. Therefore, it is completely false and wrong to claim that the platform has been breached.

It was back in 2013 when was launched and at that time, it was owned by Canton Becker. The web portal had turned out to be one of the most essential and widely adopted platforms among the crypto-verse.

However, it was reported that the website was later sold back in 2018. From that point onwards, the reputation of the cryptocurrency exchange completely shattered. The platform became overwhelmed with negative and bad reviews about the service that was being offered through the platform.

Even now, the complaints against the platform continue to emerge and with time, the volume of the complaints has increased despite the fact that many users have already left the platform.

There is one particular user on the Reddit platform “u/heroiclife”, who has now taken matters into his own hands. The user has now started a thread where he is requests others to join him in his movement to bring the responsible person at the platform to justice.

He has stated that he would be needing the help of other users from the platform in order to bring an end to this problem and shut down the website for good.

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