Just recently, Chainalysis announced that they are in the process of expanding their network throughout the globe. Chainalysis is one of the major cryptocurrency data analyzing firms in the world that was founded back in 2014. The firm stated they plan to cover more jurisdictions and areas in order to gather more information related to cryptocurrencies.

Chainalysis is also known for gathering and sharing critical data with the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FB) and Internal Revenue Service (IRS) in the cryptocurrency market.

The firm announced on the 27th of September, 2020 that they are in the process of launching their offices in Tokyo (Japan) and Singapore. Chainalysis clarified that they are expanding their services to facilitate customers in the APAC region. The firm stated that this way, they will be able to provide better services to their customers.

Chainalysis is already considered to be a very supportive entity in the cryptocurrency sector. They are committed to providing support to government agencies, financial institutions, and crypto-business. As per Chainalysis, there are a large number of crypto-users in the APAC region. Therefore, opening up offices in this region will help them gathered more and detailed data to serve the customers more effectively.

Following to the announcement, Chainalysis communicated that their managing director, Ulisse Dell’Orto will also be relocating to Singapore. The company clarified that he will be there to head the operations in the new facilities.

In a recent tweet, the officials of Chainalysis stated that it was very important for them to open offices in these regions. They confirmed that by opening offices in the APAC, region they will be able to carry out local cryptocurrency investigations.

This would also provide an opportunity for the cryptocurrency companies to interact with them in a more formal way. The company stated that they will gain more visibility in the local APAC crypto-markets, in which they had limited access being overseas.

Chainalysis has announced that as soon as they are set up, the first case they will be investigating would be the $200 million hack that was pulled off by hackers on the KuCoin crypto-exchange.

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