According to the latest reports, has announced its partnership with Aston Martin, which is one of the most prominent car manufacturing companies in the entire world. On the other hand, is a famous cryptocurrency platform that is headquartered in Hong Kong.

As per the sources, the deal signed between and Aston Martin is a multi-year deal. As part of the deal, will be taking the charge of sponsoring Aston Martin for multiple years. has revealed that in particular, the crypto-platform will be sponsoring the F1 Team for Aston Martin Cognizant.

The recent partnership announcement between the two companies has made both companies each other’s Official Global Partners. has announced that alongside Aston Martin, both companies will be working to launch new products related to cryptocurrencies. For now, their main focus would be to work on payment systems linked with cryptocurrencies as well as NFTs.

It is yet to be confirmed as to how much both companies will be spending towards the new partnership. When asked, none of the companies were ready to make any statement or answer any questions around the deal amount.

The F1 Team for Aston Martin stated that over the course of time, the deal between the two companies would prove to be extremely beneficial for both sides. Both companies will be working together in order to provide exclusive opportunities and experiences to the fans as well as the traders.

The main focus of the companies would be to facilitate the traders and fans as much as they can. The main idea behind the collaboration between companies is to provide more exposure to the crypto industry.

Jefferson Slack, who is the commercial managing director at Aston Martin F1 also talked about the collaboration between the two companies. He stated that the collaboration between Aston Martin and would see both companies reach new heights in technological advancements.

Their aim is to bring in as much innovation and technological advancements in the cryptocurrency and NFT sectors. In order to achieve this goal, both companies have jointly made a partnership with another company. This time, the company is from the IT sector that is known as Cognizant, and is based in the United States.

The companies have revealed that Cognizant would be the firm that will be looking into all the technological and innovative projects. The firm will be responsible for keeping a close check and track on the development of the projects and rule out any grey areas.

Slack clarified that the reason behind collaborating with Aston Martin is not just to put its company brand on the F1 car. But the company aims to launch new and innovative cryptocurrency products in the crypto-verse.

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