The recent years have proven to be groundbreaking for the success and development of the cryptocurrency and blockchain industry. Just two years ago, the number of unique users on the crypto-platform was 35 million. Now, the unique figure is a whopping 100 million unique users.

After the COVID-19 hitting the entire world at the beginning of the current year, the global economy has recognized the potential of crypto-blockchain technology. Based on its potential, many countries have started adopting and passing laws, recognizing the crypto-blockchain industry as a legit financial solution.

Crypto-blockchain technology has also made its way to other sectors such as sports, education, esports, music, and e-commerce. In sports, it is the Russian Football Union (RFU) that has adopted the blockchain technology to carry out virtual votes and blockchain-based virtual summits.

For education, it is the Government of Georgia that has fully adopted the blockchain technology. Using this technology, Georgia is empowering its citizens to be able to afford their education expenses.

When it comes to esports, it is SBI Esports Company based in Japan that has announced that their players will now be paid in cryptocurrency (XRP – Ripple).

As far as the music was concerned, the blockchain industry was adopted by the rising stars who plan to do things on their own. The main purpose is to eradicate the involvement of big labeling brands that tend to decide the fate of the music artists. As it is perceived that these labeling brands take a huge chunk of the music artists earning for their input.

Now, one of the award-winning DJ(s) who goes by the name RAC recently made an announcement that he has launched his own cryptocurrency. His currency is also based on the Ethereum-blockchain and he has named his currency’s token as $RAC.

The DJ whose real name is Andre Anjos wrote on one of the internet forums that he is very fond of the blockchain industry. He added that he is fascinated by the technology and thinking that powers the very nature of the blockchain industry.

As per Andre, the cryptocurrency platform will act as a bridge directly between the artists, their communities, and their fans. With the adoption of the cryptocurrency platform, the idea of having a labeling brand or investors would be eradicated once and for all.

Andre is one of the most successful DJs that are out there in the music industry at present. He has been nominated back to back in the year 2016 and 2017 for the best remix awards. It was back in 2017, when he announced that he was collaborating with one of the crypto-themed marketplaces known as Zora. As per him, his collaboration with Zora was to introduce a new crypto-token.

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