Greyp Bikes has recently made an announcement that is going to be promising for the entire cryptocurrency community. The Croatia-based cycle manufacturing company has announced that it has recently taken an innovative step. With this step, the company is aiming to become a leader in the cycling world with its technology and innovation.

Greyp Bikes has reportedly announced that it is now going to accept payments for its products and services in the form of cryptocurrencies. The firm has officially announced that it now accepts cryptocurrencies as a payment method. This way, the company is aiming to build a more customer base and help the cryptocurrency community in having another platform where they can purchase cycles from.

Following the announcement of accepting cryptocurrencies as payments, the firm has also revealed how many cryptocurrencies it will accept in the initial phase. According to Greyp Bikes, it will accept a total of nine cryptocurrencies in the initial phase.

According to Greyp Bikes, the cryptocurrencies they will be accepting include USDC, USDT, EOS, DAI, XRP, XLM, BCH, ETH, and BTC. The firm has announced that in order to make it happen for the consumers, they formed a partnership with a firm with exposure and expertise in the sector.

The firm revealed that they formed a partnership with a firm named Paycek in order to bring the cryptocurrency payments facility to the users. Paycek is one of the major payment processing firms that is leading the cryptocurrency market in Croatia.

Greyp Bikes also made an official announcement about the launch of cryptocurrency payments. The firm announced that the users would be able to make direct purchases with the help of cryptocurrencies from their platform.

When it comes to the biking world, Greyp Bikes has shown its resolve and ambition through the adoption of technology. The company stated that they have been gaining a lot of ground in the technological world and are advancing into the industry even more.

The next step for the company was to dive more into technology and the adoption of cryptocurrencies as payment methods seemed like the right choice. Therefore, the company has made it available for its customers and clients.

The firm has announced that even before its partnership with Paycek, the firm was accepting cryptocurrencies as a mode of payment from customers. However, at that time, cryptocurrencies were not set as an official payment method nor were streamlined.

Now, cryptocurrencies have been streamlined and officially adopted as a mode of payment for the products through their platform. The method has been added to their website as one of the checkout methods. Once the customer is done purchasing the goods and other stuff from their website, they can choose crypto-method from the checkout and pay for the goods purchased.

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