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You are fully aware that you need to find an online broker in order to begin trading in the financial markets and if you have already searched, then you know that there are many choices to explore. A lot of people get stuck here because they are unable to choose the best option, as there are so many options at their disposal. Every other company you look at seems to be a solid option and it is immensely easy to become confused and not know what to do. However, you have to be thorough because not every company can be trusted to live up to their claims.

If you want to opt for a well-rounded company that can fulfill your trading needs in the best possible way, one of the names you can check out is EcoMarkets. Even though it is a relatively new broker, it has made a strong impression and is attracting a great deal of attention. Nonetheless, you need to check out its features before you can decide and some of its perks are highlighted below:

Privacy and Security

Anyone who uses the internet is quite concerned about their privacy and security. You don’t want your personal information to be misused in any way and neither do you want your hard-earned money to be stolen. This means that when you trade online, you need a broker that takes privacy and security seriously. EcoMarkets fits the bill because they have a strong privacy policy in place and use tough security measures for creating a safe trading environment. As per their privacy policy, your information cannot be accessed or used by any third-party without your consent.

They use advanced encryption technology for protecting personal data and maintain segregated accounts for keeping your funds safe. They are also AML (Anti-Money Laundering) and KYC (Know-Your-Customer) compliant, which means traders have to provide proof of address, identity and payment before using the EcoMarkets platform. It mitigates the risk of terrorist financing, money laundering, identity theft and financial fraud.

Web-Based Trading Platform

Since the trading platform provided by a broker can have a big impact on your overall trading experience, it is essential to assess this feature. EcoMarkets has come up with a proprietary web-based trading solution for its clients. This is reassuring for traders who don’t want to download or install any software. You don’t have to worry about any compromises in quality because they have used innovative trading technology to power this platform. It offers one-click trading and instant trade execution and also comes with a ton of trading tools.

You will find advanced charting tools that can come in handy, along with trading indicators, the latest market news, economic calendar, price alerts and technical analysis tools as well. Advanced order types are also supported. Multiple assets can be traded from the single platform and EcoMarkets ensures that it can be used on all devices seamlessly, which means you can even use it for trading on the go.

Range of Assets

As most modern traders are interested in portfolio diversification, EcoMarkets has put together a range of assets for their ease and convenience. There is plenty of variety available, which ensures that every trader can find something according to their risk appetite. You will be able to trade in some of the most prominent markets in the world. There are foreign currency pairs that give you access to the forex market and the stock market that allows you to trade some of the biggest companies.

Commodities present a stable and consistent option for low-risk traders, while indices are for those who enjoy lucrative opportunities. EcoMarkets has also added cryptocurrencies to satisfy traders who want a piece of this rapidly growing market and some of the leading cryptocurrencies can be traded here.

They have also added prompt and reliable customer support, excellent trading conditions, extensive educational resources and easy registration for offering a comprehensive trading solution.

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