For those who have been a part of the crypto-blockchain industry would know very well about the top cryptocurrencies. Just like traditional currencies, cryptocurrencies are also measured by their capitalization, scalability, and demand in the market.

If an individual associated with the crypto-industry claims that they are not familiar with Bitcoin (BTC), that person would not be taken seriously. The same is the case with the crypto-industry’s second-largest cryptocurrency that is known as Ethereum (ETH).

While the Bitcoin (BTC) follows an old school mining and trading protocol, Ethereum (ETH) has been the crypto known for revolutionizing the crypto-industry forever. It has not only provided users the ability to trade and mine its tokens, but has also enabled developers and programmers to create their own cryptocurrencies.

Not just this, but Ethereum (ETH)has made it possible for programmers to launch their own cryptocurrencies and dapps through the Ethereumblockchain. Since its launch in 2015, Ethereum (ETH) has been making continuous changes to its protocols and mechanisms to make it more suitable and convenient for its users.

In an attempt to tackle the latency, high fees, asset security, and network disconnection issues, Ethereum (ETH) recently launched Ethereum 2.0 version. This has reduced the amount of time it used to take to process a single transaction and has also lowered the transaction fee costs for users.

Following to their practices of making constant improvements, Ethereum (ETH) has recently launched its new wallet known as ‘Authereum’.

As per sources, the Authereum wallet has been backed by the Coinsbase as well as many other well-known crypto-exchanges. The need for launching this new wallet was to improve the experience of the users when using the decentralized apps (dapps). Ethereum (ETH) was delighted to announce that their new wallet has just passed the Beta phase and is now available for regular usage.

The team behind the development of Authereum told the resources that the wallet has been created to help users experience a convenient onboarding process for the dapp users. It would also provide users a secure and reliable channel for signing up without having any fear of sharing personal information to third parties.

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