It was just recently when Leonteq went ahead with the expansion of its cryptocurrency service provision locally. Leonteq is a fintech firm that is now providing its services all over Switzerland. The firm is prominently known for now providing its digital asset services throughout Switzerland.

However, the fintech firm has not made a stop at that and now it wants to expand even more. According to reports, the fintech firm is aiming to cover an even larger jurisdiction where it wants to provide its fintech services. The firm is also aiming to provide services related to cryptocurrencies to more users.

The firm has announced that it now aims to provide its services to other countries in Europe. The firm has revealed that it already has the countries in mind within Europe that it aims to reach out and provide its services to.

In order to expedite its process of European expansion, the exchange has announced its collaboration with ICF Bank. ICF Bank is prominently known as one of the leading banks in Germany that is known for providing services such as securities trading.

Leonteq has announced that in the initial phase of expansion throughout Europe, the first countries it is going to target are Germany and Austria. The fintech firm has announced that it is aiming to provide its services all throughout the countries and it is not going to target just a few cities.

Ever since its foundation back in 2007, Leonteq has garnered a lot of growth and adoption within Switzerland. Throughout its operations, the fintech firm has gathered many accolades to its name, and its reputation is constantly on the rise in the country.

Therefore, the country has used this reputation and public trust within Switzerland to its benefit. Leonteq is not aiming to cover more markets within Europe and Austria and Germany are its first picks.

Leonteq has also earned the title of being the first cryptocurrency-related firm in the world that acquired tracker certification for Bitcoin. The firm had reportedly acquired the certification for Bitcoin back in 2017. Following its 2017 achievement, the firm earned the title of being the first-ever firm in the world to become reverse convertible on Bitcoin. The firm had reportedly gained the certification for the particular achievement back in 2019.

As the cryptocurrency industry continues growing larger, almost every fintech firm is aiming to benefit from it. This is the reason why Leonteq is aiming to expand its services in the European region.

The firm has announced that in the European region, the firm is going to introduce several major cryptocurrencies as starters. The major cryptocurrencies that Leonteq is aiming to introduce in Austria and Germany include XRP, Aave (AAVE), Cardano (ADA), Ether (ETH), and Bitcoin (BTC) among others.

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