No matter how hard the regulatory authorities try and shut down the cryptocurrencies, the crypto-sector is constantly growing larger. With the passage of time, the cryptocurrency industry has been growing in size and it is being more and more profitable with time.

This is the reason why even billionaires have started investing in cryptocurrencies. They are now seeing the potential and growth of the cryptocurrency industry. Therefore, they do not want to lose the opportunity of gaining from the industry and increasing their wealth.

Initially, the billionaires who started investing in cryptocurrencies were Elon Musk, Jack Dorsey, Morgan Stanley, and Mark Cuban. However, the number of billionaire investors is constantly on the rise in the cryptocurrency industry.

This time around, it is Simon Nixon, a billionaire from the United Kingdom who is aiming to invest in cryptocurrencies. The sources reveal that the family office of Simon Nixon is making the necessary preparations for taking a step into the cryptocurrency industry.

The family office of Simon Nixon has announced that it is going to increase its investments in cryptocurrencies over the course of time. Initially, the family office is going to go ahead and add expert analysts to its team from the cryptocurrency industry.

The name of the family office handling investments and wealth for Simon Nixon is Seek Capital. The information surrounding the firm investing in cryptocurrencies for Simon Nixon is confirmed by Adam Proctor. Adam Proctor is the managing director of the family office Seek Capital.

Seek Capital has confirmed that Simon Nixon is not the only billionaire who is now aiming to invest in cryptocurrencies. There are several billionaires who are eager to get their hands on cryptocurrencies and start bringing in huge gains.

This is the reason why Seek Capital has decided that it is going to increase its allocation and knowledge around cryptocurrencies. According to Adam Proctor, it is very important for their firm to adopt cryptocurrencies and start helping their clients investing in cryptocurrencies.

This way, they will not only benefit their clients but also be able to increase their platform’s demand and user base. For now, Adam Proctor has only hinted that their firm is going to increase the allocation for cryptocurrencies.

Proctor is yet to confirm exactly how much the allocation there would be for investing in cryptocurrencies. No matter the investment amount, it is now clear that billionaires are making moves into the cryptocurrency industry at a large scale. This would take the cryptocurrency investment space to a whole new level.

Even Goldman Sachs had recently confirmed that the billionaires and their family offices are seeking to make huge investments in cryptocurrencies. The investment giant was able to confirm it after conducting a survey among major investors and family offices.

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