Trading in the global financial markets provides everyone with the golden opportunity to make high returns on their investment. Isn’t that the whole point of investing? To make as many returns as possible? This goal is easily accomplished via trading, better than any other investment opportunity. The financial markets are loaded with trading instruments that can be bought and sold for a profit and there is no one to stop you from doing so. The most appealing feature of trading is that you don’t require any qualifications or years of experience to step into the markets. As long as you have funds to spare and know a good broker, you can jump in and get started.

No, it is not possible to do this without a broker because they are an integral part of the trading world. Even in traditional trading, brokers were essential and this hasn’t changed today either. They serve as your launchpad in the trading world and can provide you with the platform and services that can simplify your experience. However, this is only possible when you have picked the right broker because not every broker is capable of doing so. In fact, if you compare some of the brokers in the market, you will notice that most appear to be quite similar.

This can often create a dilemma because it can be difficult to pick one from the crowd. So, how do you cull? The key is to look for unique features that a broker can offer to you and then make up your mind. Founded in 2018, Finexro is a CFD (Contract for Difference) broker that was founded by UK-based Strongex Ltd. In this relatively short span of time, it has earned a great deal of recognition because of its features.

Check out what makes this broker unique:

  • The Huge Range of Security Features

Considering the risk of cyberattacks, almost every trustworthy and reputable broker has added some security measures on their website to provide a safe trading environment. But, you will soon come to know that only a handful of them have been as thorough as Finexro. Starting with two-factor authentication, the broker is not just dedicated to protecting your trading accounts, your personal and sensitive information, but also your investment and your assets. They use multi-signature technology for cold storage of digital assets, do a complete risk check after every order and execution, and ensure that all passwords are also cryptographically hidden.

Likewise, all sensitive and confidential data is encrypted and they have even used SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encryption for securing website traffic. They also mitigate potential distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks and constantly do IT security assessments to ensure there are no potential vulnerabilities in their system. Moreover, they also protect funds through customer account segregation, which means that traders’ deposits are kept in individual accounts. 

  • The Availability of a Demo Account 

Perhaps, one of the best features that any brokerage can offer to its clients is that of a demo account. Most people are under the misconception that this feature is only useful for newbies and beginners because it is a great way for them to get in some practice with virtual currency. However, the truth is that it can also benefit experienced traders because it gives them the opportunity to try out a broker’s platform and know what trading conditions are available.

At Finexro, you will find a demo account option that you can use for doing exactly that. You can test and see what trading platforms are available and what kind of trading conditions would be available to you in case you decide to sign up with this broker. You can open a demo of any of the account options the broker offers, so it allows you to test their features and get acquainted with how it works. 

  • Access to Learning Material

While it is true that you don’t really need to have any knowledge or education to join the trading markets, it should be noted that these are vital for your success. Obviously, your goal is to earn maximum returns, but this will only be possible if you know what you are doing. Sure, you may be able to make some lucky trades and enjoy profits, but eventually, you may make a losing trade and will be left empty-handed. In order to minimize the chances of such an event, you need to know how trading works and should have a good strategy in place.

How can you do that? Finexro is ready to assist you in this regard, as the broker has put together an education center under which it offers plenty of learning material for your assistance. There are numerous resources you can explore, which seminars conducted by experts, tips and articles that can give guidance and tutorials and videos to explore. There are also webinars that are conducted by market experts and professionals, which can help you in understanding the financial markets and what mistakes need to be avoided. 

  • Addition of Online Chat Support

When you are new to the financial markets and online brokers, at some point, you are going to have questions. This is where customer support comes in and most brokers have added numerous options for this purpose. But, very few of them offer online chat support that gives immediate answers. Most other channels require some wait, which can be frustrating, especially when there are opportunities that you wish to explore. Finexro is aware of it and so, they have incorporated online chat support that allows you to speak to their friendly agents right away and get answers to your questions and problems.

Other Features

You can also find 100x leverage available at Finexro, a VIP program for professional traders, Savings accounts for those looking to earn some extra income and the best trading platforms in the market. You can also access some of the top financial markets in the world via the broker and explore the opportunities they have to offer. 

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