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Looking to make some quick profits? The trading market has plenty of opportunities to offer. There was a time when you couldn’t avail of these because there were just too many complications. But, in this digital age, everything is easy and so is online trading. This space doesn’t have the same prerequisites that come with other ways to make money and it gives you the flexibility that none others can offer. Essentially, there is only one requirement that you have to fulfill and that’s of finding a really good broker. Yes, this is important because the platform you choose will shape your overall experience. 

You will discover fairly quickly that there are a horde of online brokerages that are currently touting their services. Whether you are a newbie or someone who has traded before, you can easily find some options. However, the key is to opt for one that can offer you everything you need to help in achieving your goals. Hence, it is best to find out what perks you will enjoy when you sign up with a brokerage. This also applies to Genesis11, one you will find when you begin looking for reliable and well-rounded options. What perks can it offer to you? Find out here:

Perk 1: Trade the Asset of Your Choice

The first thing that will appeal to you about Genesis11 is that they have put together a rather wide array of trading instruments for you to invest in. They have stock CFDs, allowing you to buy and sell shares of leading companies like Apple, Google, Coca-Cola, Intel,, Tesla, AT&T, PayPal, Netflix, and Facebook. You can try out the forex market, with currency pairs like EUR/USD, GBP/USD, USD/JPY, USD/NZD, and others available. 

Indices like S&P 500, Nasdaq, FTSE 100, and Dow Jones, commodities like gold, silver, natural gas, and oil, and cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ethereum are also worth exploring. You can also try out ETFs (Exchange-traded funds), bonds, and futures. Suffice it to say, it is easy to find the asset of your choice and earn the returns you want.

Perk 2: Trade on the Top Trading Platform

If you have done any research into trading, then you have probably learned that the trading platform you get can make all the difference. Obviously, you want the best choice when you sign up with Genesis11 and it has obliged. You will find the MT4 trading platform, one that’s well-recognized in the trading space for its range of trading tools, fast execution speed, intuitive interface, and automated trading features. 

Even better, you can find other platforms also available, such as the WebTrader, which you don’t need to download. Access it through the website with minimal fuss and use a good set of trading tools and enjoy a smooth trading experience. Most importantly, you can also trade on the go with mobile apps that have also been developed and can offer you efficiency and control, anywhere and everywhere. 

Perk 3: Trade Through the Account of your Choice

Opening a trading account is part of how you use a broker’s trading platform and Genesis11 has put together different account options for accommodating their clients. You can choose one that seems comfortable to you and can fulfill your trading needs. Start with the Mini account that needs $500 as a deposit and gives you a free e-book, online chat support, access to market research and breaking news, and good spreads and commission.

The Classic account is next with a $5,000 deposit, along with phone support, trading signals, and a trading education program as well. The last choice you can explore is called Premium, best for advanced traders, as the deposit is $20,000. It gives you a trading mentor and an account executive team that’s available 24/7. 

Along with these perks, you can also take advantage of great security, helpful customer support, and profitable trading conditions that enable you to reach your bottom line.

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