According to the latest reports from the US Google Play Store, is currently the number one most downloaded application. It has been confirmed that no matter the category or application type, currently ranks as the top application in the top application charts.

Just recently, the analytics team from the Google Play Store released stats surrounding top applications in the United States. The stats show that is the top free application in the US Google Play Store.

Before, it was TikTok that reigned the Google Play Store being the most downloaded application in the United States. However, has taken the lead and it is now the top and most downloaded application in the United States.

When it comes to the top applications on the Google Play Store belonging to the crypto-sector, it is Coinbase that comes after Coinbase currently ranks as the third most downloaded application on the Google Play Store in the United States.

Then it is the Cash App that currently ranks as the fourth most downloaded application on the US Google Play Store. After the Cash App, it is Voyager Digital that ranks as the tenth most downloaded application in the US Google Play Store.

When it comes to Voyager Digital, the application has recorded a tremendous surge in downloads after making a huge announcement. Voyager Digital had recently announced that it was going to form a partnership with one of the major basketball teams. The name of the particular basketball team is the Dallas Mavericks.

Many market analysts have attributed’s sudden surge in application downloads to the Hollywood actor “Matt Damon”. It was just recently when Matt Damon had reportedly featured in an advertisement campaign.

Matt Damon has been an extremely popular and successful actor in the entire Hollywood industry. His performances in movies such as “Good Will Hunting”, “Jason Bourne”, “Ford v Ferrari”, and many more have helped him earn a huge name in acting across the globe.

Therefore, it was a really big thing for to be able to bring a celebrity such as Matt Damon on board. With Matt Damon being the frontman for the exchange’s publicity, has finally managed to earn global recognition.

It was just last week when the advertisement titled “fortune favors the brave” went live. The purpose of the advertisement was to reach out to as many audiences as possible and bring in more investors to the exchange.

From the looks of it, the exchange has achieved what it was aiming for and more is yet to come to the exchange. According to the exchange officials, they will be going for more collaborations with more stars from Hollywood to spread their message across the globe.

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