Already Grayscale Investments has been leading the crypto asset management industry by introducing more than a dozen digital assets for investment purposes. Now the company is desirous of introducing an additional 31 crypto investment vehicles/products for facilitating the growing interest of its present and future customers. So far the company has been managing the world’s most expensive crypto-asset vault whose value is nearing US$ 33 Billion.

If there is a talk regarding the best crypto asset management company, then the name of Grayscale Investment is at the top. Grayscale is one of the oldest and earliest managers of crypto assets which utilized its management abilities for capitalizing from the crypto industry. Already the company was rendering asset management services in more than a dozen crypto assets. Now, in the past week, the company has made further announcements regarding the expansion of its managerial arm.

It was informed by Grayscale that it is time for the company to introduce more crypto assets to its management platform. It was told that permission has been obtained by Grayscale from the authority to house 13 further crypto assets. The company further told that the decision was taken in the month of February, however, it was postponed for various reasons. Although, the reason for the postponement was not disclosed the reason could be the expected crypto regulation.

Now another 13 different crypto assets will come under the management platform of Grayscale Investment. So far permission has been granted for managing crypto assets such as BNT, Kava, 1inch, KNC, REN, LRC, ICP, SOL, CRV, UMA, Polygon, Ox, and UMA.

The next 18 coins to be introduced at Grayscale include the likes of ADA, ATOM, AAVE, COMP, SUSHI, XTZ, XMR, GRT, MKR, etc. But for the time being the permission in relation to the additional 18 coins, is pending decision. Until and unless the permission is not granted, Grayscale will not be able to make them available for investment purposes. Otherwise, the company will act in violation of US law and action can be taken against the firm.

The company is also famous worldwide for being in command and control of the highest worth of crypto vault. As of 20th June 2021, the value of the assets under Grayscale’s management reaches roughly US$ 33 Billion. There are several crypto-specific funds that have been introduced by Grayscale. For instance, there are funds relating to Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum Classic, Litecoin, etc. But amongst all of its funds, the largest and extra wealthy funds are relating to Bitcoin.

Out of US$ 33 Billion worth of digital assets under Grayscale’s management, US$ 24.12 Billion is contained in Grayscale’s Bitcoin Fund. The second-largest and highly valued crypto fund is that of Ehtereum, which is worth approximately US$ 7.13 Billion.

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