GM Motors CEO says that if her company’s customers would raise demand for accepting payment in crypto, then he wouldn’t hesitate to integrate Bitcoin. He says that GM Motors has always cared about its customers and will continue to do so.

General Motors is the biggest automobile manufacturing company in the US whose CEO is Mary Barra. She was called up for an interview with CNBC on 16th June 2021 where she discussed the possibility of crypto integration in her company.

While discussing Bitcoin, Barra said that she does not know too much about Bitcoin. In fact, her knowledge regarding crypto is limited, and therefore she is neither against it nor in favor of it. However, she stated that Bitcoin is a product of innovation and her company has a long history of adopting innovation. This is why people love vehicles manufactured by General Motors, particularly trucks.

She pointed out that her company is in the field for a very long time. GM has seen the time changed a lot but it continued to evolve with the time. Technology and innovation are two features that have never been ignored by GM. In fact, the company’s policy is to ensure that its customers are made to use all the latest features.

She also told that the company has so far not thought about Bitcoin integration or the integration of any particular crypto. But the whole business of the company is dependent upon the needs and demands of the customers. If the customers would demand that they would like to pay either through cash or crypto, then there is no harm in it. It is the choice of the people really how they would like to settle their payments. There was a time when card money was new but even at that time if customers wanted to pay through credit cards, GM had facilitated it.

Barra told the interviewer that the company’s aim is to ensure that the customers are duly taken care of. GM has been doing it for decades and would continue to do so till the times to come.

While commenting upon Tesla, Barra said that Bitcoin integration was a good move by Tesla. However, if the company had decided to suspend Bitcoin payments then it is the company’s narrative. They are however accepting payments in cash and through other electronic means.

In February 2021, Tesla had told publicly that it will integrate the Bitcoin payment system. After learning this, Barra too had said the same month that she would also make sure that Bitcoin is integrated. Though Tesla had integrated, yet the integration of Bitcoin at GM kept pending till to date. She has reaffirmed again that she has no problem in adopting Bitcoin for the settlement of vehicles’ payments. In fact the company’s decision would be based upon the demands of the customers.

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