IGC Markets Review

IGC Markets logoIf you are planning to invest in the trading market to earn money, then you will definitely want to select a brokerage company like IGC Markets which comes 100 percent on all your expectations. But if the brokers want to not disappoint you, they will need to live up to their words and translate exactly what they say in practice. In this IGC Markets review, we will be analyzing IGC Markets from all perspectives to see if they can be deemed legit or not.

The first thing I noticed as soon I logged onto the broker’s website was its easy and seamless character which suggested that it is a user-friendly trading platform. I further noticed that this platform is developed by those traders who pocket plenty of trading experience. This is the reason they have become successful in the creation of a broker which suits all traders. Now let’s quickly go through some of its promising features.

IGC Markets websiteA Large Scope Of Assets

Most brokers restrict the trading activity of their traders to a handful of markets and trading instruments. I was pleased to know that IGC Markets is not like that because it never confines its traders to stop their growth. Instead, it brings all assets to their doorstep, and from my point of view, you should take full advantage of this feature. IGC Markets lets you trade more than 200 assets of different markets such as stock exchange, cryptocurrencies, Forex, and indices.

Diversification Of Accounts

Not just the trading instruments, but IGC Markets offers a variety of trading accounts as well to satisfy its traders and give them room to keep growing. Ranging from standard to VIP, there is a total of seven types of accounts, out of which traders can choose the one whose features attract them the most. These account types provide safety and guidance to progressively advance in the career. I recommend you to choose any of these accounts and then keep updating till you finally reach the VIP level because it is the account that provides a maximum number of features and comfort.

Minimal Fees

IGC Markets charges no hidden fees or commissions after registration. Unlike other brokers who pretend not to deduct any fees until we actually start trading with them, IGC Markets never does anything like this and proves that it values honesty, so you can rest assured that you will not be overcharged. You will only have to pay an overnight fee called SWAP, that too if you hold a short-term trade and want to keep your trades going on overnight.

Rapid Withdrawals Process

This is usually the major difference between IGC Markets and other brokers which I have reviewed so far. I had never seen a broker providing such streamlined and speedy withdrawal transactions, namely for a broker which is relatively new in the market. If we rank it on the basis of this feature, it would definitely make it to the top five brokers. Upon receiving the withdrawal request, the broker calls back the trader to make sure that it is the trader itself making the request or someone is trying to loot the trader.

Top-Notch Support

The motto of IGC Markets is to provide peace of mind to its traders by providing standard customer support services. This broker has given priority to customer support over all the other features. The customer support team is readily available to take suggestions, complaints, feedback, and inquiries. The team is available for contact between Monday to Friday via email and phone number. You will get a polite and caring response whenever you will contact the broker.


With all the secure, reliable, and encouraging features, IGC Markets has become the best trading platform of this year. The features of one on one account manager, speedy withdrawals, and cost-free trading of multiple assets cannot be overlooked. All these features are sufficient to guarantee a satisfying and profitable trading career; that is why I suggest you register yourself with this broker as soon as possible so that your time does not get wasted.

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