Over the course of 20 years, the internet world has seen numerous online brokerages come and go but none of them were able to make a name that would have survived for more than 5 years. There have been many brokerages who caught the eyes of many investors and analysts predicting the future of these brokerages to be very promising as well as profiting but every time, this news turned out to be not so much of a good bargain.

This has caused a lot of distress among the online trading platform as even though so many instruments are currently being offered in the online trading market, still there are not enough brokerages to support and deliver the kind of services that the online trading community and stakeholders expect them to be.
Amidst all these hassle and environment of hopelessness, online trading platform has finally found the prodigies that have the potential to go big and deliver what is expected of them. On top of this, the services that they are offering are far greater and surprising than any other.

Recently, the online trading community set up a polling set up to find the top 5 trading firms that have the potential to survive any challenges and difficulties that any brokerage has faced over the course of time and has ended up closing their operations for good. The brokerage that got the first position is TD Ameritrade, which is considered to be a 5/5 star trading firm that is offering investors with the most useful services, customer-oriented facilities, state of the art and advanced trading platform. Ameritrade has received positive feedback on their customer support line.

The brokerage with the second spot is Fidelity that has been offering almost the same type of services as Ameritrade and currently has more than 30 million customers under their flag from around the world.

The third trading brokerage is Charles Schwab that was founded back in 1973 and went online when the internet was introduced. The fourth and the fifth brokerages are E*Trade and Interactive Brokers respectively. The most prominent feature of all these top 5 brokerages is that they require a $0 dollar deposit from their registered customers.

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