As the cryptocurrency industry continues to experience a rise in demand and adoption, there is a dire need for workers in the same sector. With the passage of time, new firms and exchanges are being formed, which require more personnel with experience in the crypto sector.

This is the reason why there is too much demand for experienced workers in the cryptocurrency sector. With every passing day, the number of jobs related to the cryptocurrency and blockchain sector is increasing.

The rise in the demand for cryptocurrency and blockchain jobs is mainly due to the high level of interest from mainstream institutions. Since early 2021, mainstream institutions have started taking a lot of interest in the cryptocurrency sector.

Apart from making monetary investments in cryptocurrencies, the mainstream institutions are also after other ways of becoming a part of the cryptocurrency and blockchain industry.

The mainstream institutions are launching their own firms in the cryptocurrency space. There are several mainstream institutions that are aiming to perform research in the crypto-sector before they adopt cryptocurrencies.

For this purpose, they are hiring people related to cryptocurrencies and blockchain on a large scale. This is what is causing a rise in the demand for jobs in the crypto-blockchain sector. In order to take the lead in the crypto-blockchain sector, the mainstream institutions are aiming to onboard the most experienced and veterans from the crypto-sector.

As a result, the demand for cryptocurrency and blockchain jobs is rising with every passing day and unfortunately, there is currently a shortage of people in the market with crypto-blockchain experience.

Just recently, a website related to the employment data has shared information that was shared from one of the media platforms known as Korea IT Times. The report was published by Korea IT Times back on Thursday, September 2, 2021.

The particular report shows the input the crypto-blockchain jobs have demonstrated in the entire IT sector. As of mid-July 2021, the data shows that the demand for crypto-blockchain jobs in the IT sector has increased by 118%. This Korea IT Times firm has compared this rise with the job rate that was revealed back in September of 2020.

The firm has also segregated the job requirements and posts that have been filled by the crypto-blockchain sector within the IT sector. The stats show that the management-related jobs in the crypto-blockchain sector have experienced a 29.87% increase compared to the year 2020.

When it comes to the Human Resources sector within the crypto-blockchain sector, a 200% increase has been recorded in 2021 so far, as compared to 2020. When it comes to the software development division within the crypto-blockchain sector, a 29.7% increase has been observed in the year 2021 so far compared to 2020.

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