With so much global adoption taking place, blockchain technology now seems to be an entity, which is constantly going through morphing. Many economic and financial analysts have speculated that the blockchain industry is the future of technological advancement.

What started off as a decentralized mode of transaction and income for individuals has now been adopted into many real-time sectors. Some of the most prominent sectors that blockchain technology has been integrated into are education, esports, music, voting system, e-commerce, and sports.

Now the next sector in line is the automobiles where the blockchain technology has found its way. One of the most prominent automobile manufacturing companies BMW has now decided to adopt the blockchain technology to improve their sales, customer relations, and customer satisfaction.

Just recently, BWM-Korea made announcements that it will be introducing a rewarding program for its customers. At present, it is just BMW-Korea that has initiated their new membership program in South Korean, naming it BMW Vantage.

Adding to their announcement, BMW-Korea stated that the rewarding system will be based on the blockchain technology. The customers who buy BMW vehicles will automatically be enrolled in this program where they would receive crypto-tokens as rewards.

However, BMW clarified that the reward program is set to run only in South Korea for now by the end of 2020. If the program brings in positive and ample amounts of feedback, then the program will be expanded globally to all the countries that have BMW Branches.

The blockchain technology used for the program is expected to secure and streamline the flow and allocation of the tokens for customers participating in the program.

As per the program, members who will buy BMW models for the first time will be able to secure 300,000 to 500,000 points. The members who already own the old versions of BMW models such as BMW 1 or 2 series, X1, and X2 would be eligible to earn up to 600,000.

For customers (whether first-time or old) who purchase the new versions of the BMW models such as BMW 5 or 6 series, they can make up to 900,000 points.

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