Since Bitcoin had been consolidating for several weeks without breaking to new all-time highs, other altcoins had caught the attention of traders and investors from all around the world. During such times, the crypto coverage plays a key role in their ability to diversify and take advantage of price movements across many different tokens.

Markets Legion is a crypto-focused trading platform that currently offers more than 100 different cryptocurrency instruments, as part of its mission to enable access to professional crypto trading services.

About Markets Legion

Founded in 2020, Markets Legion is a cryptocurrency trading platform providing cutting edge technologies for retail traders believing in the potential of digital assets. Looking to help traders connect and enjoy a clear platform in a safe and easy way, the brand had managed to come out with a trading infrastructure that fits the current conditions in the cryptocurrency market.

Markets Legion crypto trading

Markets Legion Crypto Assets

To make sure customers can invest in crypto the way they want, enables access to over 100 different cryptocurrencies to trade with and raise their portfolio by selecting a diversified list of assets.

Despite the overall correlation of the market, not all cryptocurrencies are created equal and performance differs from time to time. Markets Legion also enables access to up to 1:5 leverage and competitive spreads, depending on the market volatility.

The good news about its offer is that traders can take advantage of the value of cryptos against different denominators like USD, EUR, BTC, ETH, or XMR. This is heaven for cryptocurrency enthusiasts wanting to focus their 100% attention on this innovative market.

Innovative Trading Platform

Sirix is an efficient and user-friendly trading software currently used by Markets Legion to ensure smooth access to the cryptocurrency markets. Available in a web version, desktop, Android, and iOS, this can be a daily driver for those wanting to keep a close eye on how valuations evolve.

On top of the usual features one should expect to find in a platform, Sirix also integrated Social Trading Benefits, which means traders have access to professional trading ideas and can get more insights into how other experienced traders are placing trades.

This is a lightweight and customizable platform, qualifying as the right choice for trading the cryptocurrency markets.

Markets Legion Sirix Mobile

Markets Legion Educational Guides

As part of its mission to open up access to crypto, offers expert guidance. Traders have access to resources designed to help them grasp the insights on the industry, understand how crypto works, and ultimately, how they can spot trading opportunities live. Same as with any other asset class, education is the foundation to building a strong a long-lasting trading career.

Pros and Cons

  • Over 100 different cryptocurrencies currently covered
  • Access to 4 different versions of the popular Sirix platform
  • Social Trading service integrated into Sirix.
  • Traders can trade only on crypto
  • US citizens and residents don’t have access to these trading services.

Final Thoughts

Advocating for full transparency and a customer-centric approach, Markets Legion doesn’t make any compromises when it comes to the quality of its crypto trading services. Given the large coverage it currently holds, the company is very competitive and few other brands can stand shoulder by shoulder with it.

Markets Legion is a trusted crypto trading platform that had managed to take its services to a level not witnessed before. It addresses all those people wanting to begin their crypto journey, regardless of their trading background. Continuous growth in the industry can be driven by brands such as, that show crypto trading is part of the broader financial industry.

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