As per the latest reports, Cointelegraph Markets Pro has made a surprising announcement for the entire cryptocurrency community. The platform has announced that it will now be available for the entire cryptocurrency sector as well as to the public. The official announcement regarding the public launch has been made after achieving a successful period for the live testing of the platform.

Just to provide some idea, the Cointelegraph Markets Pro exists as a data platform that has been designed in order to level the playing field for the participants in the cryptocurrency market.

Cointelegraph has revealed that the Markets Pro platform had been in the making for several years but finally it went live. The platform has been designed and launched after a careful and thorough study of the cryptocurrency markets. Furthermore, the development team has also studied and done a deep analysis of the key drivers for the movement of the prices of assets in the market.

The firm has revealed that it was also provided with full support and assistance by another company. Cointelegraph has expressed its gratitude for TIE stating that the designing, testing, and official launch of the platform could not be made possible without support from TIE.

TIE is one of the most prominent firms responsible for providing analytics and cryptocurrency data to the firms it partners with. It is also known for providing software that counts major market makers, over-the-counter desks, and hedge funds for its clients.

The firm has revealed that the core of the Markets Pro platform is the VORTECS Score. This functionality is responsible for comparing the market conditions and prices of more than 130 cryptocurrencies with the historical data of the same crypto-assets.

This service runs a detailed analysis on the entire cryptocurrency markets as well as marketplaces to compare the buying/selling prices of the assets at different times in the past.

Once all the data has been collected and analyzed, then the algorithm owned by the proprietary proceeds with analyzing the historical conditions of the assets.

The algorithm does the work in order to find the patterns and find similarities and the closest outcome in near future for the particular assets. Whether it is a later time today, tomorrow, next week, next month, the system generates the forecast.

However, these figures may change on a daily basis based on the dynamics of the cryptocurrency assets and their markets.

According to one of the spokespeople at Cointelegraph Markets Pro, the platform will prove to be essential for the entire industry. He stated that the cryptocurrency industry is extremely volatile, which makes it extremely difficult to predict.

This is where Markets Pro takes the spotlight for providing a service that can predict as close as the outcome at a particular time. This way, the investors will be able to see and make decisions based on predictions.

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