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There used to be a time when the online trading industry was only in the reach of the investor community. However, the online trading industry has become accessible for even the most common people using the internet. At present, several online trading instruments currently reign over the entire online trading industry but “Forex” trading is on a completely different level. The forex trading industry is the largest when it comes to daily trading volumes so almost every new investor wants to invest in it. If you are also looking forward to investing in forex, then Onyx Trade Group would be the right choice. Please go through my Onyx Trade Group review and decided if you wish to invest in it or not.

Onyx Trade Group’s Mission

When it comes to Onyx Trade Group, the forex trading platform aims to offer the most reliable and secure trading services to available in the market. The forex trading service provider has one of the most experienced and dedicated teams to guide you throughout your trading activities. The team is always aiming to introduce new products and innovations in the forex trading sector. The platform not only offers traditional forex trading pairs but has also paired major cryptocurrencies with major traditional pairs. With all these services, Onyx Trade Group ensures it is keeping you facilitated with the latest profitable and lucrative opportunities in the forex market.

Regulatory Infrastructure at Onyx Trade Group

When it comes to regulatory infrastructure, Onyx Trade Group is dedicated to providing you with the most streamlined regulated environment. This ensures you are provided with a regulated and ethical trading environment where you get to focus entirely on your trades than be worried about other problems. Onyx Trade Group is completely regulated and strictly adheres to the KYC and AML policies.

Trading Platform Offered by Onyx Trade Group

The online trading platform offered by Onyx Trade Group is one of the oldest and widely used platforms known as Meta Trader 4 (MT4). It is fully capable of taking care of all your trading needs from services to notifications to features. It is considered to be the most professional, vast, and very user-friendly platform, with customizable features. Some of the major features offered by Onyx Trade Group trading platform include trading alerts, trading signals, an advanced reporting system, historical reports, advanced charts/graphs, and an economic calendar. Some more features include automated trading, multiple trading markets, multi-fiat options, multi-lingual support, and instant transactions.

One of the most convenient utilities of the MetaTrader 4 trading platform is that it is available via android, iOS, Web, Desktop, and iMac.

Types of Trading Accounts Offered by Onyx Trade Group

If you are thinking that like other forex trading platforms, Onyx Trade Group would also be offering you several trading accounts, then it is not the case at all. Onyx Trade Group offers you a single trading account naming it the “Real Account”. The trading accounts provide you access to all major trading features, services, and benefits that other forex trading platforms would provide you at the highest price. The trading account has all the features and services you need in order to trade smoothly in the online trading industry.

Onyx Trade Group adds another utility in the form of “Islamic Account”, allowing you to trade under the guidelines defined by Sharia Law. Trading with an Islamic account means you would not have to worry about paying or receiving any interests that are strictly prohibited in the Islamic religion.

Deposits and Withdrawals Offered by Onyx Trade Group

When it is time to make a deposit, Onyx Trade Group does not bombard you with several payment methods. Instead, it lets you make deposits with the most convenient and easy depositing options. At present, you can make a deposit at Onyx Trade Group using Visa Card and Mastercard. You can choose the same methods when it is time to make a withdrawal.

Customer Support Offered by Onyx Trade Group

The customer support team at Onyx Trade Group is available 24×7, ready to answer your queries promptly. They are capable of providing you with the most reliable and effective resolutions around your concerns. The teams at Onyx Trade Group are responsible, experienced, empathetic, trained, and competent enough in dealing with your queries. Whenever you have a query or a concern your need answered, you can check with Onyx Trade Group’s customer support via phone and email.

Think Twice Before Investing in forex

It is true that in the past couple of years, the online trading industry, especially forex trading has emerged as the top traded instrument. The reason why more investors are investing in forex is that it is very profitable and lucrative. However, the forex trading instrument is still full of risks and you may end up losing your investments if you are not vigilant enough when trading. Therefore, you need to reconsider whether you are ready to invest in forex or not.

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