Over the course of time, the best thing that has ever happened to the crypto-industry was Twitter. Ever since the launch of the industry, it mainly used the Twitter platform if it ever wanted to interact with its followers on a larger scale.

The cryptocurrency firms from all around the world were always seen using Twitter to their advantage. Whenever there was a launch of a new cryptocurrency, new exchange, new wallet, new product, or anything, the developers used the Twitter platform.

It has served as one of the major components of the cryptocurrency industry and provided a lot of exposure to the industry for more than a decade.

Even the proponents of the cryptocurrency industry managed to provide exposure to their favorite currencies through the Twitter platform. Some of the most prominent personalities of the cryptocurrency industry using Twitter included Elon Musk, Michael J. Saylor, and Michael Novogratz.

However, what surprised the entire cryptocurrency community was that the CEO of Twitter itself was a proponent of the cryptocurrency. Jack Dorsey himself turned out to be one of the proponents of the crypto-verse and speaks very highly of Bitcoin (BTC).

According to the latest rumors, Twitter is now looking at the possibilities of investing in Bitcoin. As per stats, the stock price of Twitter surged all the way up to $73.18 on February 12, 2021. It has been revealed that this is the all-time high that Twitter stocks have experienced in the last 52-weeks.

Before the surge came in, the Twitter platform had its stocks trading at a price of $60 on February 9, 2021. At the time of publishing, Twitter is hovering at a market capitalization of $57.20 billion.

Since the beginning of the year 2021, Elon Musk has emerged as one of the proponents of cryptocurrencies. It was just three weeks back when Musk became very active around the hottest cryptocurrency topics: GameStop and DOGECOIN. The richest man in the world was seen supporting both the assets.

Afterward, Elon Musk added a short comment about Bitcoin (BTC) that resulted in the asset experiencing a surge in investments. However, a week back it was revealed that Tesla has acquired $1.5 billion worth of Bitcoin (BTC) that was revealed during the U.S. SEC filing.

The investment from Tesla has become the main driver behind the mass adoption of Bitcoin (BTC) from mainstream institutions. That is when Twitter also hinted that it is currently looking into the possibilities of investing in Bitcoin (BTC).

Apart from Twitter, another banking investment giant known as Morgan Stanley has also expressed its intentions of investing a large amount of money in Bitcoin (BTC). The firm has dedicated one its subsidiaries in order to look at the viability of investing in Bitcoin (BTC).

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