Now that Bitcoin (BTC) has almost reached the $20k market price per BTC, things are now getting even more serious for the digital-asset. Based on Bitcoin’s (BTC) current position, a huge surge has been experienced with respect to its growth and demand.

Even some of the major financial institutions such as JPMorgan and Bank of America have started talking about Bitcoin (BTC) very often. As per one of the recent reports, MicroStrategy that is one of the top intelligence firms has also made a shocking announcement.

The firm has announced that it has raised almost $655 million that it will use to invest in Bitcoin (BTC). Just so you know, MicroStrategy is the same firm that made it to the headlines back in September when it invested around $435 Million in Bitcoin (BTC).

Even one of the major Insurance firms ‘MassMutual’ has recently made an investment of over $100 Million. This goes onto show how much popularity and mainstream adoption that Bitcoin (BTC) has gained in the past couple of years.

Although countries from around the world have started preferring BTC over USD, still there are many who believe that the story is not completely legit.

In order to gain transparency of Bitcoin’s (BTC) current demand, Genesis Mining has published the results of a survey it recently conducted. Genesis Mining is known as an institutional mining platform that is based in the British Virgin Islands.

The firm confirmed that the investors it targeted while conducting the survey were from the United States. It stated that the survey was available to former Bitcoin (BTC) investors as well as active Bitcoin (BTC) investors from the United States.

As per the survey results around two-third of the investors believed that Bitcoin (BTC) is a way better investment than the dollar. Out of the 1,000 surveys conducted, more than fifty percent of the investors agreed that Bitcoin (BTC) will eventually beat out real estate, stock markets, and gold. Half of the respondents stated that it would take Bitcoin (BTC) 5-years to achieve this and half stated that it would be 10-years.

The survey also revealed that 65% percent of the investors believe that Bitcoin (BTC) will continue to show an upward trend and its price will keep growing.

However, when stating that Bitcoin’s (BTC) price will keep growing, the respondents clarified that the increase will not be as much as it has been predicted by many analysts.

Out of 1,000 respondents, only 17% of them agreed to the idea of Bitcoin (BTC) exceeding the $50,000 (per BTC) mark by 2030. Another 17% of the respondents stated that the BTC prices would go down in the next ten years.

To summarize, around 50.1% of the respondents predicted that Bitcoin (BTC) will be at $20,000 or less than that by 2030. 11.8% of respondents predicted that BTC prices will be lower than $1,001 while one-third believe that BTC prices will be either $10,000 or less than that.

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