A recent report published in local US newspapers suggested that the US has accused Russia of supporting and harboring cyber criminals. 

As per the details, it is said that the US categorically named Russia and pointed out the involvement of hackers from Russia. US also alleged that the hackers are part of the notorious hacking campaign “infrastructure” which targets are domains and servers. Once they do their job, then they use cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin to hide their traces, told US authorities.

US prosecutors have filed a lawsuit against 7 members of the Russian hacking network. In the suit, it has been alleged that the Russian hackers are state-owned hackers backed by the Russian Government. An allegation has been made that the same hackers were involved in the scam committed in 2017. (The 2017 scam is infamously known as “NotPetya” malware which had a catastrophic impact at the time).

The second allegation leveled against the accused in the suit is that the accused were involved in committing several frauds. The prime targets for the scammers were private companies, government entities, political campaigns as well as the 2018 Winter Olympics. In the suit officials of Russian Military Unit 7445 are also named as accused.

A third allegation has also been raised in the lawsuit by the US prosecutors. It is alleged that capturing the hackers has become impossible because they use Bitcoin for erasing their trials. 

Soon after the raising of allegations as well as filing of a lawsuit against Russia by the US, Russia also responded back. In a statement coming yesterday from the Embassy in the US, Russia categorically denied that all such news is lies. The Embassy also said that the US is trying to malign Russia and its people and termed it as part of the US Presidential Election Campaign.

Even in the past on many occasions, the US has accused Russian of supporting cybercriminals. However, similar claims were also raised by the Russian Government against the US. 

Earlier in September 2020, a few Russian nationals residing in the US have also been taken into custody. Later on, charges were leveled against arrested individuals. These individuals were reported to be involved in committing several crimes upon the citizens of the US. At present, the accused are facing court trials within the US.

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