As per the latest reports, Vincent Lau has been appointed as the managing director at Huobi Global. Vincent Lau is considered to be one of the veterans in the cryptocurrency-blockchain industry. As for Huobi Global, it is considered as one of the largest cryptocurrencies in the entire world when it comes to the volumes of trades it handles.

Lau is one of the most prominent personalities in the entire cryptocurrency industry for his dedication and work experience. Over the course of time, Lau has worked with some of the most prominent names in the cryptocurrency sector.

Some of the cryptocurrency firms that Lau had the opportunity to work with include OKEx and Bitfinex. In both of the cryptocurrency firms, Lau got to work with the higher-ups of the companies as one of the executives.

Apart from the cryptocurrency and blockchain sector, Lau also gained a lot of experience working in the e-commerce sector. Outside the crypto-blockchain sector, he had the chance to work with Groupon, which is a prominent marketplace in the e-commerce sector.

Apart from Groupon, he also worked with Iclick Interactive, which is a marketing as well as technology firm that has been around since 2009.

Working for the Huobi Global exchange, Lau will be responsible for taking the company to the next level. He will be expected to broaden the jurisdiction of the exchange all over the world by expanding it all over the crypto-regions.

Apart from the international expansion of the business, Lau will also be responsible for localized operations and strategic development.

On several occasions, Huobi Global has shared what exactly it intends to do in the crypto-sector in near future. The majority of the time, the company has stated that it plans on expanding its business all over the world.

The executives at Huobi Global have always stated how they wish to expand the business in regions such as European Union, Africa, Southeast Asia, and most importantly, Middle East.

Out of all the regions, the most difficult regions Huobi Global finds in terms of expanding the business and providing crypto-blockchain exposure are Middle-East and Africa.

Although, Huobi Global wants the business to be expanded in all of the regions, but the ones where Lau’s experience and skills would be tested are these particular regions.

However, the statement made by Lau has turned out to be more promising than Huobi Global had even expected him to be. According to Lau, he is extremely excited to have become part of one of the most prominent exchanges in the entire world.

He stated that he now has a huge and key role to play in the expansion of not only Huobi Global but the entire crypto-blockchain sector in the world.

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