According to the latest reports, some of the famous artists from Asia are now collaborating in order to launch non-fungible tokens (NFTs) in the NFT market. The sources have confirmed that the artists collaborating to launch collaborative NFTs include Wing Shya and Eric Chou.

Shya is prominently known for his collaborative work with several Asian artists but his most prominent collaboration has always been with Eric Chou and Wong Kar-wai. Eric Chou is one of the most famous and prominent pop singers in Asia.

According to reports, Chou and Shya have recently commenced another venture but this time, it is going to be in the NFT sector. This is going to be the first-ever collaboration between the Asian artists with aim of launching an NFT in the NFT marketplace.

With their collaboration, both artists will see the series of their NFT launched through the OpenSea marketplace. The artists have confirmed that the OpenSea marketplace will be launching the first NFT series titled “CHAOS+”. The first NFT that the artists will debut on the OpenSea marketplace under the CHAOS+ series is +E1.

The particular +E1 NFT belongs to digital music and a one of a kind piece of art. The teams are excited to announce the launch of the first +E1 under the CHAOS+ NFT collection.

So far, the +E1 NFT, as well as the entire CHAOS+ NFT collection, holds very high value for the entire Asian NFT sector. Ever since a hint was given about the launch of the NFTs, there was a lot of excitement and anticipation among the Asian NFT enthusiasts.

In the entire Asian region, both artists have a lot of popularity and fan following. This is the reason the NFT enthusiasts are looking out for the new NFT from the artists to be launched so they can get their hands on them.

Even before the launch of the +E1 NFT, it has become a global success due to Asian enthusiasts’ high interest in the NFT by the collaborating artists.

The CHAOS+ NFT series has been inspired by the photography and work by Shya. The NFTs have been derived from the photography book that was launched by Shya. In the book, Shya had shared some of the most popular works that he has done until now.

Many hoping that the CHAOS+ series is just the first chapter towards NFT adoption from both artists. The enthusiasts are hoping they will get to see more work and NFTs added to the CHAOS+ series in the coming months or years.

In the NFTs, the enthusiasts will be able to see the photography done by Shya in the form of NFT animations. Each NFT launched through the CHAOS+ series will have it annotated through Chou’s music in the background.

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